Katherine Wieseman

Professor of Teacher Education

F21 Class of 2004

Katherine Wieseman, Professor of Teacher Education at Western State College of Colorado, has been a member of WSC’s Project Kaleidoscope F21 team since 2004. As a science teacher educator by specialization, key aspects of my vision for transforming learning related to the sciences and the teaching profession are: 1) challenging and extending the ideas and beliefs about the nature of science held by future elementary and secondary level teachers, and 2) advocating for equitable learning opportunities for all K-16 students. An assumption underlying the attention I give toward equity issues in science education and general education courses is that heightening awareness to the complexity of equity issues is the first step toward advocacy of STEM learning for all students of any age. My work in STEM learning is situated in the courses I teach at WSC and in the discourse communities of two international organizations in the field of science education (National Association for Research in Science Teaching and Association for Science Teacher Education).
Katherine C. Wieseman
F21 Class of 2004 Statement
Katherine Wieseman is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Western State College of Colorado.