Beth L. Weatherby

Provost & Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Southwest Minnesota State University

The department chair as linchpin of institutional transformation
This set of essays from Southwest Minnesota State University reflects ideas and insights from one of PKAL's Leadership Initiative teams about the crucial role of a chairperson within the department and the institution as a whole.
Vision and Organizational Change
Where do academic leaders look to find insights, information, connections, and data that will affect their institution’s capacity to achieve and sustain distinction? How can you imagine (and imagineer) the future of undergraduate STEM, locally, nationally, globally? How can leaders best respond in ambiguous, challenging circumstances? Where do visions come from? Why is a vision necessary? What makes a vision statement compelling?
Jigsaw Reports
Each jigsaw group presents key issues that touch on its particular topic as it relates to "learning theory." The intent is to explore further how increased knowledge of learning theory can lead to informed decisions and actions about pedagogies, faculty, institutional policies and practices, and facilities— that achieve meaningful change sustained over the long-term.