Picture of Mark A. Wallert

Mark A. Wallert

Professor of Biosciences

Minnesota State University Moorhead

F21 Class of 1994

Mark is a Professor of Bioscience at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM). He has been a member of PKAL F21 since its inception in 1994.

At MSUM he has received Academic Affairs Excellence Awards for research in 1995, for teaching in 2001, and as part of the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Oversight Committee (A Committee he Chairs) for Service to Students in 2001. In the spring of 2003, the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Oversight Committee was awarded the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Award for Excellence in Curriculum Programming, the only academic excellence award given by the State University System. In the summer of 2003, Mark participated for his first time in offering a PKAL sponsored workshop “Creating a Research-Based Course: Principles and Practice; North Dakota Science Math Engineering and Technology Workshop for Two Year and Four Year Universities.” The workshop was sponsored by the North Dakota Biomedical Infrastructure Network.

Since that time, Mark has provided over one dozen workshops and seminars for two and four year college professors. In the fall of 2003, Mark became a member of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education and Professional Development Committee. This committee provides curriculum recommendations for biochemistry and molecular biology programs across the country. The committee also has a very strong undergraduate education focus. Mark is chair of the ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliate Network. The network promotes research based undergraduate education through regional activities and undergraduate programs at the national meeting. In this capacity Mark has been the co-chair of the ASBMB National Undergraduate Poster Competition and a session at the national meeting on Research at Undergraduate Institutions.

Mark is also co-chair of the Northwest Region Undergraduate Affiliate Network where he helps run an annual fall research meeting. During his 16 year career at MSUM, Mark has mentored over 100 undergraduate and 15 high school students in research. These students have made over 120 poster and oral presentations at local, state, and national scientific meetings. More recently, Mark has been named to the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota’s new statewide Biosciences Education-Industry Partnership Council. The council includes representation from major bioscience businesses, educational leaders and government officials. The committee was formed to create an ongoing dialogue between education and industry about current and future workforce needs as they relate to the biosciences in Minnesota. In 2005, Mark was named the Carnegie Foundation Minnesota College Professor of the Year.

Mark Wallert
What works: Observations from the field
Mark Wallert is Professor of Biology and Physiology at Minnesota State University Moorhead.