Picture of Andrew J. Velkey II

Andrew J. Velkey II

Associate Professor of Psychology

Christopher Newport University

F21 Class of 2005

Andrew J. Velkey, II received his A.A. in Liberal Studies (1988) from Holmes Junior College in Ridgeland, MS, the B.S. in Psychology cum laude (1991) from Millsaps College in 1991, and the M.A. (1995) and Ph.D. (1997) in Experimental Psychology from The University of Montana in Missoula. His specializations are Animal Learning and Comparative Psychology, and he currently focuses his research on the roles learning mechanisms play in the territoriality and aggression of a tropical fish species (Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens) as well as the effects of ultra-low exposures to xenoestrogens on reproductively-relevant behaviors in B. splendens. Over the past 15 years, over 100 students have worked with him on a variety of research projects. Many secured intra- and/or extramural funding for their research, most presented their research at local, regional, or national conferences, and a few have even published their work. Many of these students have since earned graduate and professional degrees across a variety of domains, including law, counseling, psychology, business, and teaching. Dr. Velkey is an active member of Sigma Xi serving at both the local and national level, and he has been active with Project Kaleidoscope since 2000. He currently serves as the facilitator for the PKAL-LI team at Christopher Newport University, where he is an Associate Professor of Psychology.
Andrew Velkey
What works: Observations from the field
Drew Velkey is Associate Professor of Psychology at Christopher Newport University.