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David L. Smith

Director of Professional Development

Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science & Technology

F21 Class of 1994

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David L. Smith, Ph.D., is a scientist and a science educator. As Director of Professional Development for the Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology in Allentown, Dr. Smith runs all of the professional development programs of the Center and also assists in the development of inquiry science experiences for the Center's classes and exhibits. He is currently Principal Investigator of the Da Vinci Leadership Institutes for K-5 teachers and co-Principal Investigator of the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, an NSF-funded secondary school math and science education reform partnership of 46 school districts and 13 institutions of higher education. Dr. Smith received his Ph.D. in geology from Stanford University and his B.S.E. in geological engineering from Princeton University. Prior to joining the Da Vinci Science Center staff in 2002, he conducted seismic hazard analysis in California and was Associate Professor of Geology, Environmental Science, and Physics, and co-Director of the Institute for Advancement of Mathematics and Science Teaching at La Salle University. He is a member of PKAL F21 Class of 94 and a graduate of the PKAL Leadership Institute.

David L. Smith
F21 Class of 1994 Statements Revisited
Dave Smith is Director of Professional Development at the Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology.