Kathryn E. Loesser-Casey

Professor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Pre-Medicine Program

University of Mary Washington

F21 Class of 1998

Kathryn Loesser-Casey, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Mary Washington, earned a Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology from Rutgers University in 1988. Dr. Loesser-Casey is actively involved in interdisciplinary collaborations both in the classroom and in her research. She is especially interested in developing biology majors who are able to effectively design, implement, analyze, and communicate the results of experiments. Her research focuses on the structure-function relationship in cardiovascular disease.
Connections between Mathematics and Biology
Working within their disciplines, biologists and mathematicians can answer many interesting questions, but collaboratively they have the potential to solve more complex problems. Rather than talking about blending math and biology, this session will model the desired outcome. Participants will work in small, interdisciplinary groups to investigate real-world biological problems that require mathematical analysis. Moreover, participants can partner with individuals from other institutions to gain new perspectives. Groups will be asked to develop useful modules or strategies to bring biology into their math courses, or math into their biology courses.