Picture of Mary M. Kirchhoff

Mary M. Kirchhoff

Director, Education Division

American Chemical Society

F21 Class of 1994

Mary Kirchhoff is Director of the American Chemical Society Education Division, and previously spent three years as Assistant Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. She received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and joined the Chemistry Department at Trinity College in Washington, DC following graduation. Mary spent nine years at Trinity College, where she served as Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. She became involved with green chemistry when she received an AAAS Environmental Fellowship to work with the U.S. EPA's green chemistry program. Mary is a co-author with Paul Anastas and Paul Bickart on Designing Safer Polymers, and co-editor with Mary Ann Ryan on the ACS' Greener Approaches to Undergraduate Chemistry Experiments.

Mary Kirchhoff
F21 Class of 1994 Statements Revisited
Mary Kirchhoff is Acting Director of the American Chemical Society Education Division.