Picture of Andrea M. Karkowski

Andrea M. Karkowski

Professor of Psychology, co-Director of Center for Computational Studies

Capital University

F21 Class of 2001

Andrea M. Karkowski is a strong advocate of undergraduate research, which guides the way that she structures her classes, advises her students, engages in assessment and evaluation, and selects service activities for herself. Currently an associate professor of psychology at Capital University and executive editor of the Journal of General Psychology, Andrea earned her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Montana and an M.B.A. from Franklin University. She regularly teaches courses on statistics, research methods, experimental psychology, and computational psychology. Her research interests are varied and include learning and comparative psychology, sex and gender, and the use of computational modeling in psychology. Andrea balances her teaching and scholarship activities with world travel, and prefers to go to places beyond where the pavement ends.
Andrea M. Karkowski
What works: Observations from the Field
Andrea M. Karkowski is Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Behavioral Sciences at Capital University.