Robert M. Johnson Jr.

Vice President for Information Services

Rhodes College

Bob Johnson supports staff at Rhodes College in Admissions and Financial Aid, Student Affairs, and a “merged” (library, IT, and institutional research) Information Services division. His professional experience has been related largely to collaborative planning exercises for large-scale projects and services improvements at Belmont University (Nashville, TN) and Rhodes College (Memphis, TN). Both to his pride and his shame, his successes and failures have demonstrated that what one knows is almost always less important than how well one plays with others, leveraging the combined intelligence of the members of good organizations.

The Transformation of the Liberal Arts College Library
The 21st century college library is an integrated learning center essential to campus intellectual and social life. It is also a special mixture of three prime ingredients: goods, services, and design, incorporated to create active places where information is not just stored and retrieved but where it is exchanged and created. The 21st century library is a trading floor of information, a market place of ideas, a department store of technology, a theater of teaching, and a club house of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
Plenary I-Part I: Three Roles and One Goal
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Breakout IC: Aesthetics: Ensuring the New Spaces Contribute to the Life and Aesthetics of the Campus
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Breakout IIIC: Campus Planning: Integrating the Process of Planning Hi-tech Learning Spaces into Institution-wide Planning Initiatives
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