Theodore Hodapp

Director of Education and Diversity Programs

American Physical Society

F21 Class of 1995

Dr. Theodore Hodapp is the Director of Education and Diversity for the American Physical Society (APS) in College Park, Maryland. The American Physical Society is the largest professional society representing physicists in the United States, publishing the most significant international journals in physics, and facilitating programs to represent physicists and their interests. The APS Department of Education and Diversity ( runs programs that advocate issues relevant to minorities and women, and in areas of education and careers. Ted is also Principal Investigator of a large NSF and FIPSE-funded national effort, the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (, which seeks to improve the quality and quantity of physics and physical science K-12 teachers. Before coming to the APS, Dr. Hodapp served as Program Director in the National Science Foundation’s Division of Undergraduate Education, working with programs in curriculum development and implementation, teacher preparation, scholarships, and the National Science Digital Library (he is currently co-PI on the ComPADRE digital library project,, that is collecting physics education materials throughout the country). Prior to coming to the NSF, Ted was professor and chair of the Hamline University Physics Department in St. Paul, Minnesota. He recently served as chair of the Physics and Astronomy Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research ( His research interests include laser cooling, optical modeling, and physics education research.