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Tori Haring-Smith


Washington and Jefferson College

Tori Haring-Smith is President of Washington & Jefferson College, a small liberal arts college in the rolling hills of Southwest Pennsylvania. W&J, the 11th oldest college in the country, has a long history of transforming the children of coal miners and steel workers into cardiologists, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Currently, the college enrolls 1500 students from all the United States and abroad. President Haring-Smith’s current initiatives at W&J focus on increasing the diversity of faculty and students, further internationalizing the campus, building a new science center and a new recreation center, and doubling the endowment. Before coming to W&J, Haring-Smith served as Dean of the College and then Vice President for Educational Affairs at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. In these roles, she increased faculty diversity by 400%, designed a new budget process, worked with foundations and major donors, and helped to raise the national visibility of the institution. From 1980-1996, she was a professor of theatre and English at Brown University, where she also was founding director of the Rose Writing Fellows Program, a cross-curricular peer-tutoring program in writing. In 1996, she left Brown to serve as Chair of Visual and Performing Arts at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and then as Executive Director of the Watson Foundation. She has been very active as a faculty workshop leader on issues in pedagogy and curriculum reform, delivering more than 150 invited lectures and conference papers on the subject at colleges and universities throughout the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. In addition, she has written widely on higher education and theatre; three of her books and many of her numerous articles concern pedagogy and academic program administration.
Developing an Institutional Environment that Stimulates Creativity
This is a transcript of President Tori Haring-Smith’s opening speech, “Creativity as a Goal for Student Learning,” given at the 2007 PKAL Summer Institute.
Fostering Creativity as a Goal for Student Learning & Institutional Transformation
This interview is a follow up to the opening speech given by President Tori Haring-Smith on “Creativity as a Goal for Student Learning” at the 2007 PKAL Summer Institute.
How Can We Promote Creativity?
This is a summary of President Tori Haring-Smith’s opening speech, Creativity as a Goal for Student Learning, given at the 2007 PKAL Summer Institute.