Kent Duffy


SRG Partnership, Inc.

Kent Duffy, FAIA, is an award-winning design principal at SRG Partnership in Portland, Oregon with more than 30 years of experience. Recently awarded Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, Kent earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University. He brings a quiet passion to his work, focusing on creating buildings that enhance the everyday life of their users. Kent’s architectural practice integrates compelling design with innovative sustainable strategies, resulting in distinctive buildings that educate by example and promote public awareness. He advocates his design approach to local, regional and national audiences. Kent has an extensive background in learning environments, science buildings, campus master planning and laboratory design.

Design Considerations: Considering Sustainability Issues
This session will identify expectations and set goals for sustainability. It will illustrate planning and engineering issues that are of concern in developing a sustainable project and use examples to illustrate techniques and considerations in the programming and design of such facilities.
Design Considerations: Considering Implications of Renovation/New Construction
All college and university campuses have an enormous investment in existing teaching and learning spaces. In this light, any comprehensive effort to improve these facilities will necessarily involve extensive renovations. Sometimes, however, there is a choice as to whether to build new or renovate, particularly when the cost-benefits of new construction approach break-even with the cost-benefits of renovations.
Breakout Session I-E: Working Through the Programming Process
Breakout Session II-B: Considering Sustainability
Breakout Session III-B: Coordinating Campus-Wide Planning
Breakout Session IIA: Serving the Campus- Aesthetics and Sustainability
Breakout Session IIIA: Connecting to Institutional Academic Facility Planning
Plenary IV: Programming: Gaining Insights about How to Work with Architects and Other Design Professionals
Reporting Out
Breakout IIC & IIIB: Sustainability: Considering How to Give Attention to 'Sustainable' Practices that are Cost-Effective Over the Long-Term
Reporting Out
Breakout Session I-E
Considering Issues Relating to Sustainability
Plenary Session IV
Snapshots: Spaces Serving the Environment, Kent Duffy, Gary C. McNay, Erika L. Morgan