Picture of Kimberly Kostka

Kimberly Kostka

Professor & Chair of Chemistry

University of Wisconsin-Rock County

F21 Class of 1997

Dr. Kim Kostka is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the UW Rock County campus in Janesville, Wisconsin, which is one of the two-year liberal arts transfer campuses of the UW System. Kim is also chair of the UW Colleges chemistry department, a department that spans thirteen different campuses. Kim enjoys chemistry and talking, so the role of teacher suits her well as she actually gets paid to talk about chemistry every day. Kim uses many student-centered active learning techniques in her classrooms which has been easier in the newly reconstructed William Hall which has been designed to maximize student-centered learning opportunities. Her collaborations with Project Kaleidoscope's Faculty for the 21st Century, ChemLinks, the UW System Women and Science Program, and New Traditions all support her efforts to reform curriculum. In addition, Kim is co-editor of the "Teaching with Problems and Case Studies" column in the Journal of Chemical Education. When she's not enjoying chemistry and her students, Kim may be found having fun at home with her two-year old daughter, her husband, and the cat, or making and marketing products for Rock Valley Soap, her small business.