Picture of David Boness

David Boness

Professor & Chair of Physics

Seattle University

F21 Class of 1994

David A. Boness is a Professor of Physics at Seattle University. He received his BA in Physics and Philosophy from Yale University and his PhD in Geophysics from the University of Washington. For two years, David was a Graduate Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory, doing experiments in shock wave physics of condensed matter. After teaching at Santa Clara University for two years, David accepted a tenure-track position at Seattle University in 1990. For 2006-8 David holds the Arline F. Bannan Chair of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. At Seattle University, David has served as Physics Department chair, chair of several search committees, has chaired other committees, and has served on Faculty Senate, Academic Assembly, and the University Rank and Tenure Committee. Over the years, David has taught over 20 existing or new courses in physics for both physics majors and for other majors, and in science for nonscience majors. David has, with various collaborators, published papers in computational high-pressure physics, experimental shock wave physics of condensed matter, geophysics, and experimental biological physics. He likes to hike, has played a lot of volleyball, and enjoys discussing the interplay between the sciences and the humanities.

David Boness
F21 Class of 1994 Statements
David A. Boness
F21 Class of 1994 Statements Revisited
David Boness is Professor of Physics at Seattle University.