Lynn A. Steen

Professor of Mathematics, Special Assistant to the Provost

St. Olaf College

Making connections: To, from, and within the mathematical community
Authors describe the wide range of activities and publications within the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) that emphasize three broader categories of connections important to their community:
  • connections to and from other disciplines
  • connections within the mathematical sciences
  • connections to the needs of students served by mathematics departments, majors and non-majors.
Reaching for Science Literacy
From the July/August 1991 issue of Change magazine, this article by Lynn Arthur Steen describes what works in building natural science communities and addresses science literacy for all.
Everything I Needed to Know about Averages...I Learned in College
Undergraduate mathematics, or quantitative reasoning, courses provide a core component to liberal education and apply across all college studies.
Questions Deans Should Ask Their STEM Departments About Their Students
Lynn A. Steen