Judith A. Ramaley


Winona State University

Creating a Supportive Environment for Major Curricular Changes
"In higher education, change tends to be continuous but fairly marginal, often taking the form of piecemeal or isolated efforts at improvement. Most campuses do not currently offer conditions that can support major curricular changes that must be sustained over time. In this chapter, I will describe how Portland State University has approached the challenge of curricular reform meant to improve the delivery and quality of undergraduate science education, and draw some lessons from our experience that may be useful to others who have similar aspirations."
New truths and old verities
This lead essay argues that science is everybody's business, that academic leaders must come to understand why constructing undergraduate experiences for all students that incorporate a genuine involvement in science and technology is central to their responsibility to preserve the long-term distinctiveness and viability of their particular institution and to make a significant contribution to the good of our society.