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Alison I. Morrison-Shetlar

Dean of Elon College

Elon University

F21 Class of 1997

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Dr. Alison I. Morrison-Shetlar is Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning and Professor of Biology at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

In 1984 Dr. Morrison-Shetlar received her doctorate from Dundee College of Technology and was a Research Scientist at the Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology, London, UK. from 1984 – 1988. In 1988 she was invited to be a senior Scientist at the Max-Planck Institute in Dortmund, Germany and established and served as Head of the Molecular Biology Department. A move to the United States in 1993 brought her to teach and research at Wesleyan University and Trinity College in Connecticut and in 1995 she joined the Biology Department at Georgia Southern University. While at Georgia Southern University Dr. Morrison-Shetlar was a faculty member and Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching. She was also awarded the Board of Regents Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning in 1998 and again in 1999. At the university she was awarded the University Excellence in Teaching award, and the College of Science and Technology Excellence in Teaching award in 2001. Dr. Morrison-Shetlar joined UCF in 2002 as Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning where she has built programs to support faculty and GTA teaching and learning success. Dr. Morrison-Shetlar is co-author of Teaching Creatively: Ideas in Action (Outernet Publishing, 2001) with Dr. Mary Marwitz and has numerous publications on her scientific and educational research. She is founder and Chair of Florida Faculty Development Consortium (FFDC) and is Co-chair of the Southern Regional Faculty Instruction and Development Consortium (SRFIDC).

A PKAL essay: Investing in Faculty at Every Career Stage
It is essential for colleges and university to invest in faculty development at every career level. In the face of general concerns about research grants, endowments, regional and international partnerships, it is critical that institutions take time to reflect on the job faculty have at hand, that of teaching and learning.
Alison Morrison-Shetlar
What works: Observations from the field
Alison Morrison-Shetlar is Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning and Professor of Biology at University of Central Florida. Professor of Biology