Cathryn A. Manduca

Director of Science Education Resource Center

Carleton College

Cathryn A. Manduca's website

Dr. Cathryn A. Manduca is director of the Science Education Resource center at Carleton College. This center is engaged in several projects that support effective science education nation-wide, including development of an on-line community center for the Digital Library for Earth System Education, professional development workshops and on-line resources for geoscience faculty, and an interdisciplinary effort by the National STEM Education Digital Library to understand how faculty engage students with data in their courses. Dr. Manduca served as coordinator for the Keck Geology Consortium undergraduate research program from 1994-2000. She is Vice President for the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and has co-authored several reports mobilizing action in the geoscience and digital library communities: Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Earth Science Education; The Digital Library for Earth System Education?A Community Plan; and Pathways To Progress?Vision and Plans for the National STEM Education Digital Library; Using Data in Undergraduate Science Courses.

On the Cutting Edge: Leadership Development in the Geosciences
The National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) sponsors the On the Cutting Edge professional development program for current and future faculty in the geosciences. This program helps geoscience faculty stay up-to-date with both geoscience research and teaching methods.