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Charles J. Kirby

Principal, Academic Planning & Design

EYP Architecture & Engineering P.C.

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Charles Kirby, AIA, LEED™ AP, has more than 25 years of experience in the design of college and university architecture with a focus on laboratories, undergraduate teaching, and distance learning facilities. He is a frequent participant in Project Kaleidoscope, Tradeline, Academic Impressions, and SCUP, lecturing on issues of design for college and university education. He works with faculty, students, academic administrators, trustees, donors and funding agencies to build consensus at the outset of a new project about what a new or renovated building must accomplish. The result is buildings that respond culturally, academically and fiscally to an institution’s mission, goals and budget. Charles’s project experience has included the programming and design for a new Science Education and Technology Building at Cabrini College, a new Life Science Building at Franklin and Marshall College, a new Science Center at Stockton College, a new Chemistry and Physics Building at The College of the Holy Cross and a Unified Science Facility at Hamilton College.
The politics and process of change: institutional building-planning teams
Design professionals, engaging with campus communities to dream about, design, and construct new spaces for science, are experienced with bringing people together around a common vision, gaining the strong sense of shared understanding, accomplishment, and institutional loyalty that leads to a productive outcome for their work: ". . .it is essential that good decisions are made, as the consequences of poor decisions can be far-reaching in both time and money, as well as on the institutional mission over the long-term." Colleagues from the Science Facilities Planning and Design Group at Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Cahal Stephens, Charles Kirby, Leila Kamal and Kip Ellis, share their insights.
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