Donald G. Deeds

Professor of Biology

Drury University

Planning, implementing and assessing an integrated math and science curriculum
This essay describes the assessment protocols through which Drury University monitored the impact of a multi-disciplinary curriculum for all students developed collectively by their STEM faculty. The full description of the ten-year development and evolution of their curriculum is presented in an essay in the Journal of College Science Teaching. That reformers need to be in it for the long-haul is one lesson learned from the Drury experience.
Plenary: Influencing Positive Change in Parallel Universes
Who are our students, those now on our campus and those in the pipeline? What is their background, what skills, interests, and career aspirations do they bring into our classrooms and labs? What skills and capacities will they need to become 21st century leaders, innovators, life-long learners? In this plenary we delve more deeply into institutional strategies that center on strengthening student learning in STEM fields, considering by what measures we can determine how and if goals for student learning can be aligned with institutional policies and practices.