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Arriving at spaces that make a difference
One of the most powerful stimuli for leaders to take a kaleidoscopic perspective on curricular and pedagogical change is planning and then completing the construction of new spaces and structures for undergraduate STEM communities.


Classrooms: Focus on Technology - Enhanced Pedagogies and Learning
Scott E. Siddall, Michael C. Lauber
This presentation focuses on three different yet interdependent perspectives of the college classroom: that of the classroom designer, classroom instructor, and classroom manager. Each perspective adds insight to the basic question: how should we change our classrooms to best support faculty and serve our students? One-size-fits-all thinking rarely works, so in a resource-limited setting, what are the practical solutions? Incremental improvements usually don't alter teaching practices or learning outcomes, or expand our thinking through tranformative designs. And how do we know when we've enhanced learning? We have some provocative notions to inspire and team discussions about how design and technology may improve learning and teaching.


Vision for the Sciences at St. Olaf College
David Van Wylen