The Project Vision and Context

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Cultivating a shared environmental vision at Middlebury College
Nan Jenks-Jay
In the mid 1990s, Middlebury proposed significant advancements in leadership in the environmental sciences. A presidential declaration was recognition that the environment was integral to Middlebury's educational mission and operational goals.
Oberlin College: Scaling the "wall of science"
The New Science Center at Oberlin College, Payette and Associates
Strong facilities have been always been the key to Oberlin's premier position in the field of science. When it was completed in 1961, Kettering Hall was a state-of-the art facility. Since then, much in science education has changed. Although Kettering was modified to accommodate these developments, eventually it became too outdated to permit the best possible science education.


Breakout IIE: Winona State University Story
Reporting Out
Nancy Jannik, Gary C. McNay


A Vision of 21st Century Undergraduate Science and Math at Hamilton College
Douglas A. Weldon
This statement from Hamilton College outlines a coherent vision for the sciences across all disciplines, with the specific aim of guiding the planning and building process for new science facilities.