The Project Scope

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Design Considerations: Considering Implications of Renovation/New Construction
Kent Duffy
All college and university campuses have an enormous investment in existing teaching and learning spaces. In this light, any comprehensive effort to improve these facilities will necessarily involve extensive renovations. Sometimes, however, there is a choice as to whether to build new or renovate, particularly when the cost-benefits of new construction approach break-even with the cost-benefits of renovations.

Keck Consultation Reports

Constructing New Facilities- One Step at a Time
The Keck/PKAL Consultation Program
The president of this small, private, mid-Atlantic college requested the consulting team come to campus to help a standing committee determine whether the current science building could be renovated or if a new facility is needed. The team determined a phased project-one in which additions to the existing structure are completed as funding is made available-suited the needs of the college. They also made design recommendations for the future facility.