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Exploring the future 2004
Phil Crompton
The subject of this presentation is the future of presentation, capture, distribution and headend technologies that will be key components of the next generation of electronic classrooms and other learning spaces.
Information Commons 2
Focusing on the creation of new spaces that serve to accommodate new technologies
L. Paul Zajfen, Joan K. Lippincott


Technology in the 21st Century Science Building
Gary C. McNay
As planners, educators, and administrators, we are continually exposed to each new wave of technology, creating opportunities to inspire and engage learning communities in much more dynamic, seamless ways. Gary McNay here explores ways in which technology can be used to these ends within a 21st century science building.
The facility of the future: Technology
On the one hand technology has incredible promise and indeed one can argue that technology is absolutely essential to modern science. On the other hand we have limited resources and we have real world constraints.
The role of distance education: Laboratories for online science courses
Paul E. Vorndam
How thinking outside the box and using new resources available to STEM leaders helps shape the department of the future.
Twenty-first century science and the facilities of the future
Facilities matter, from the perspective of serving new interdisciplinary fields of research as well as of making the learning experience for all undergraduates one that is truly integrative. Some ideas and best practices from the PKAL facilities archive.