Libraries and Information Commons

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Breakout IA: Library: Focusing on the Transformation of the Library into an Integrated Learning Center
Reporting Out
Sarah Felton, Susan L. Perry
Breakout Session I-A: Focusing on Classrooms
L. Paul Zajfen, Emily Gwynn
Breakout Session I-B: Focusing on Informal Spaces
Thomas C. Celli, Crit Stuart
Breakout Session I-E: Working Through the Programming Process
Kent Duffy, Sarah Felton
Breakout Session II-B: Considering Sustainability
Kent Duffy
Breakout Session II-C: Connecting Pedagogical Approaches, Technology, and Learning
Martin Halbert, Michael C. Lauber
Breakout Session II-D: Considering Renovations/New Construction
L. Paul Zajfen, Charles Forrest
Breakout Session II-E: Working with Design Professionals
Thomas C. Celli, Nell Ruby
Breakout Session III-A: Describing Institutional Planning: The Vassar College Story
Michael C. Lauber
Breakout Session III-B: Coordinating Campus-Wide Planning
Kent Duffy, Charles Forrest
Breakout Session III-C: Identifying & Engaging Key Players
Crit Stuart, Rosemary Levy Zumwalt
Information Commons: A Spectrum of Options
Joan K. Lippincott, Martin Halbert
Libraries are developing information commons or learning commons to create a closer connection between the library's physical space and the learning needs and styles of today's students. These facilities give particular importance to three elements related to the learning process: provision of technology, access to digital information, and availability of spaces in which students can collaborate. In this session, we will explore some features of existing information commons, describe what kinds of services are typically included, discuss types of group spaces that such facilities incorporate, and discuss issues related to interior design, including furniture.
Plenary Session I: The Emory University Story
Charles Forrest, Charles Forrest
Plenary Session I: The Georgia Institute of Technology Story
Crit Stuart
Plenary Session III: Snapshots
Plenary Session IV: The Agnes Scott College Story
Rosemary Levy Zumwalt, Nell Ruby, LaNeta Counts, Emily Gwynn

Other Resources

Library: An Integrated Learning Center
Henry Myerberg
"The stereotype of libraries as musty repositories of old books has never been less true." Henry Myerberg, a principal at the Rockwell Group, goes on to emphasize, encourage and show how the library is and should be an integrated learning center. He believes the library is a place without borders and with the considerate infusion of technology will grow in its capacity to serve students.