Institutional Mission and Identity

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Cultivating a shared environmental vision at Middlebury College
Nan Jenks-Jay
In the mid 1990s, Middlebury proposed significant advancements in leadership in the environmental sciences. A presidential declaration was recognition that the environment was integral to Middlebury's educational mission and operational goals.

Keck Consultation Reports

New Facilities for Community Colleges
The Keck/PKAL Consultation program
The consulting team was invited by the chair of natural sciences to review the need for new science facilities at this community college in the southwest. The college has a history of providing training in technical areas. However, the transfer of students to baccalaureate campuses will become a prominent part of their mission as more students attend community colleges for their first two years of study.


Imagining Science Communities
Thomas C. Greene
Community is an essential part of any learning environment. In this essay, Thomas Greene describes the benefits of intentional community-building.
Top Ten Characteristics of Community