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Remarks on the liberal arts by Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
From Perspectives - excerpts from remarks made at the International Understanding Award Dinner of the Institute of International Education, 2002, these remarks by Alan Greenspan reflect on how the standard of living has improved due to education. He comments that "the liberal arts embody more than a means of increasing technical intellectual efficiency. They encourage the appreciation of life experiences that reach beyond material well-being and, indeed, are comparable and mutually reinforcing."


Making science a core liberal art in the 21st century
Milo Schield
Given the ongoing success of the sciences in building cumulative knowledge about the natures and causes of things, it is argued that the sciences may have operationally embodied certain epistemic principles that may be helpful in dealing with the human condition. Investments in identifying and justifying these epistemic principles should be an integral part of any effort to make science a core liberal art in the 21st century.
Why is Change Necessary for American Academic Institutions?
G. Doyle Daves