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What Works: Linking Insights About How People Learn into Curricular Reform


A Novel Strategy for Assessing the Effects of Curriculum Reform on Student Competence
Susan B. Millar, Paul H. Williams
Credible assessment is crucial to the success of any curricular reform efforts whose goals are to improve student learning and skill development. A new strategy designed to determine whether changes in student learning and skill development are measurable.

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A pathway for an institution-wide assessment program: are we there?
Donna L. Sundre
From her experience as Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies at James Madison University, Donna Sundre builds an argument that the pathway to an institution-wide assessment plan has six sequential components: vision; high standards; commitment; resources; structure; and integration.
Learning about effective teaching: Course assessments
Kristi Erdal
How to turn standard tools for course assessments into more meaningful tools that help determine the quality of student learning.