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Robert H.N. Ho Interdisciplinary Science Center

Bluestone Facade
Bluestone Facade


3-D Visualization Lab
3-D Visualization Lab

Departmental Map
Departmental Map

Colgate University
Hamilton, New York

Campus Contact:
Paul Finch

Design Professional:
Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott


Gross Square Feet:

Construction Period:
29 Months

Completion Date:

The Robert H.N. Ho Science Center is designed to foster interdisciplinary studies in the sciences, encouraging collaborative teaching and learning techniques, and increasing interaction with the rest of the academic community. The Environmental Studies Program and the departments of Geography, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, and Biology are distributed throughout the building in a patchwork pattern, fulfilling the individual needs of each department while consolidating shared resources. A 96-seat multi-media auditorium, sky-lit atrium, classrooms, and study alcoves are shared by students and faculty members from all disciplines.

The Center is designed to make science exciting and approachable at all levels of study. The building’s mass, which is twice that of any other on campus, is broken down into two volumes and clad in locally-quarried bluestone that compliments other campus buildings, inviting all members of the community to enter. Access to the building is available from various levels and directions, responding to the challenge of constructing an accessible building on a site with a 40-foot grade change. Inside the building, a 55-seat 3-D visualization lab allows students to tour a human blood cell or watch the birth of a star within a dark nebula. Glass corners on each of the building’s 53 labs give passersby a glimpse of the experiments being conducted within. Impromptu gathering spaces equipped with seating and whiteboards are distributed throughout corridors to encourage discussion and group study efforts. A rooftop weather station, research greenhouse, and geology museum, opening in 2008, allow students to conduct research and experiments at advanced levels in various disciplines.

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