Facilities Directory

Krehbiel Science Center

Bethel College
North Newton, Kansas

Campus Contact:
Richard Zerger, PhD.

Design Professional:
CSNA Architects

Other Consultants:
Lundquist, Killeen, Potvin & Bender, Inc (MPE)
Samberson & Associates (Structural)
PBA Architects (Local Associate)


Gross Square Feet:

Net Square Feet:

Construction Period:
12 Months

Completion Date:

The conservative values of this hard-working ethnic group of Mennonites were represented in the original, 1880’s Richardsonian Romanesque limestone building out of which the college grew into the small campus of today. Most subsequent buildings in the 19-teens through the 1940’s were executed in a Collegiate Gothic style, which became the campus and denominational “standard” for campus buildings and churches throughout the area. The influence of this style spread locally, to the extent that civic buildings, schools, and even other denominational churches adapted this style for buildings constructed through the 1940’s.

This particular project – Krehbiel Hall – is one particular building of several which is part of the architect’s work on campus. Starting with the first comprehensive master plan since the 1960’s, the architect has guided a conscious effort on the part of Bethel College to re-position itself competitively through construction of modern, new facilities designed to project their preferred image of historical strength and conservative values.

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