What is learned

The focus on what works in undergraduate science and mathematics curricula is at the core of PKAL's efforts. Our series of UFE Workshops provides teams--faculty and administrators--an opportunity to come together to explore many different issues through case studies, plenary sessions, and small group consultations. Through their participation, they learn:

  • what and how to teach from the disciplinary perspective
  • institutional and departmental barriers to reform
  • appropriate space for new pedagogical approaches
  • the impact of reforms.

Themes such as encouraging planning, fostering creativity and rewarding useful innovation are woven into all workshop sessions, and the work of PKAL.

Below are links to specific examples of what works in undergraduate science and technology education. These disciplinary portfolios provide stories of success in each of the five disciplines. These stories address issues that on one level are discipline-specific but on another, they explore universal issues that many will relate to.