Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Web-based Materials

21st Century Pedagogies

The web is a natural delivery mechanism for interactive materials, particularly materials using computer algebra systems. Web-based materials support work by teams of students, both in the classroom and outside.


  • Lawrence Moore
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Duke University

  • David A. Smith
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Duke University

  • Jack Bookman
    Associate Professor of Mathematics- Duke University

Essays, Stories & Reports:

Resources from other sources:

  • Teaching with Duke's Connected Curriculum Project Materials: A User's Perspective
    "The CCP materials are discovery-based learning materials that incorporate widely available technology in a student-centered learning environment. The learning materials on the Duke CCP site are mostly web-based modules that can be integrated into undergraduate mathematics courses, including pre-calculus, calculus, ordinary differential equations, linear algebra, and engineering mathematics."

  • The Connected Curriculum Project
    "The Connected Curriculum Project (CCP) is a coordinated effort to create interactive learning environments for a wide range of mathematical topics and mathematics-based applications. Our materials combine the flexibility and connectivity of the Web with the power of computer algebra systems."

  • The Post CALC Project
    "The Post CALC Project presents interactive, mathematically-based modules designed for high school students who have finished a year-long course in calculus. These modules, each appropriate for several weeks work by individuals or small groups of students, illustrate the use of calculus in a wide range of applications."