Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

February 27: Understanding the role of different leaders - deans, chairs, faculty - in ensuring vital departments

Essays, Stories & Reports:

Resources from PKAL:

  • From PKAL Academic Leaders Workshop, College of Charleston - 1998
    What Works - A PKAL Resource
    Challenges for departmental leaders
    Participating teams in this workshop identified a kaleidoscope of challenges that department leaders must consider.

Resources from other sources:

  • What works - A report
    A letter to new faculty - How to talk with your department chair
    - Gary Reiness, Dean of Science - Lewis & Clark College
    Talking with your department chair (and dean) is necessary for many reasons: to obtain resources needed for your teaching and research, to determine whether you're making satisfactory progress toward promotion, and to negotiate the various aspects of faculty life.


Gary Reiness insists that faculty discuss their concerns and ideas with their department chair. As a department, compile a list of department-specific questions that faculty can ask your chair.