Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Recruiting Faculty

Building the Human Infrastructure & Human Resources

  • What works - An essay
    Hiring new faculty: logistics, landmines and life-preservers for the department chair
    - Elizabeth S. Boylan, Provost & Dean of the Faculty - Barnard College
    One of the most significant challenges a department chair faces involves the leadership of the process by which a new member of the department is recruited, hired and integrated into the local academic community.

  • What works - An essay
    Investing in faculty at every career stage
    - Alison Morrison-Shetlar, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning - University of Central Florida
    - Kathleen Hohenleitner, Senior Faculty Fellow, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning - University of Central Florida
    It is essential for colleges and university to invest in faculty development at every career level. In the face of general concerns about research grants, endowments, regional and international partnerships, it is critical that institutions take time to reflect on the job faculty have at hand, that of teaching and learning.

  • What works - A PKAL essay
    Investing in faculty: ways and means
    - From Report on Project Kaleidoscope - 2001
    In the process of setting forth an institutional vision, primary attention must be given to the character and quality of the faculty. A clear understanding of the why and the how of investing in faculty must be an integral part of the strategic planning process.