Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Physics by Inquiry

"Tools for Informative Assessment:

  • sequenced or alternative task formats may be used for an assessment of a specific area or concept
  • provides a way to measure "understanding" by posing same (or almost the same) questions using various alternative forms
  • can be used as diagnostic tools for pre- and post- instruction... (Hieggelke)."

Selected Adapter:

An Assessment Essay:

  • Adaptation and Implementation of Tutorials in Introductory Physics
    - Robert J. Endorf, Professor of Physics - University of Cincinnati
    "In order to assess the effectiveness of the materials in our General Physics course, the tutorials were pilot tested from 1998 - 2000 in the four recitation sections associated with my lecture class…We compared the performance of the students in the four recitation sections that used the tutorials with the students in the other fifteen sections that did not use the tutorials…The tutorial students had a lower failure/withdrawal rate than the non-tutorial students."

PKAL Resources:

  • Tools for Learning and Informative Assessment
    - Curtis Hieggelke, Professor of Physics - Joilet Junior College
    "The approach is based, in part, on research on how students learn and think and the ease-of-use [of assessment tools] impacts acceptance and implementation. Small, incremental changes are less stressful and more acceptable and using alternative learning task formats is productive in promoting and assessing learning."