Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

April 16: Leadership and institutional transformation

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  • What works - A PKAL essay
    Strengthening Undergraduate STEM Programs
    - Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., President Emeritus and Professor of Economics - Carleton College
    The undergraduate educational experience is the critical link in achieving our national objectives. The reason is simple. Undergraduate institutions produce those who go on to teach in America's K-12 schools. They are the source of future Ph.D.'s; they produce the political leaders, the local school board members, the Federal, state, and local officials who will make policy decisions relating to scientific and technological issues that have an impact on how we all live, work, and interact.

  • What works - A PKAL essay
    Leaders need to communicate
    - Melvin D. George, President Emeritus - University of Missouri
    All too often, a leadership team thinking about new directions fails to think through and put in motion a communications plan as an integral prelude to and part of the anticipated change. Developing a thoughtful communications plan and carrying it out effectively are vital aspects of any successful significant change.