Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Just-in-time Teaching

21st Century Pedagogies

Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) is a teaching and learning strategy based on the interaction between web-based study assignments and an active learner classroom. Students respond electronically to carefully constructed web-based assignments which are due shortly before class, and the instructor reads the student submissions "just-in-time" to adjust the classroom lesson to suit the students' needs.


Essays, Stories & Reports:

  • An Essay
    Just-In-Time Teaching
    - Gregor M. Novak, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Physics- U.S. Air Force Academy
    - Joan Middendorf, Director of Teaching Resources Center- Indiana University

Resources from PKAL:

  • PKAL: Just-in-time teaching
    The essential element is feedback between the web-based and classroom activities. JiTT is a strategy that combines use of the web with a collaborative learning environment to improve student learning of and attitudes toward various content areas.

Resources from other sources:

  • Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT)
    "JiTT is aimed at many of the challenges facing students and instructors in today's classrooms. Student populations are diversifying. In addition to the traditional nineteen-year-old recent high school graduates, we now have a kaleidoscope of "non-traditional" students: older students, working part time students, commuting students, and, at the service academies, military cadets. They come to our courses with a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds, interests, perspectives, and capabilities that compel individualized, tailored instruction."

  • Resources and examples from a variety of disciplines
    JiTT Is based on the assumption that: "Learning technologies should be designed to increase, and not to reduce, the amount of personal contact between students and faculty on intellectual issues."