Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

August 6: Chemistry Digital Libraries; NSDL Community Involvement

Essays, Stories & Reports:

  • What works: A PKAL Article
    Reports on Twelve Digital Libraries for Chemistry
    - John Moore, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Vice Chair of the NSDL Sustainability Standing Committee
    A report on twelve libraries within the NSDL collection describing material appropriate for teachers of chemistry both at the college level and the high school level. The title of each digital library project links to the project's Web site so that you can quickly explore the digital libraries of your choice.

  • What works: An essay
    Perspective on NSDL Community - How to get involved
    - Howard Burrows, Chair of the NSDL Assembly of Projects
    An essay presenting his perspective on the NSDL community organization. The essay describes the organizational structure and indicates how anyone can become involved in the development efforts through Standing Committees.