Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Case-based Learning

"The pedagogical approach, Investigative Case Based Learning (ICBL), aligns problem-based learning with the investigative approaches found in the software, tools and resources of the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. ICBL engages learners in a collaborative problem space describing a realistic situation involving science in society. The case provides a meaningful context for learning, with a memorable anchoring experience on which to build new understanding (Waterman & Stanley)."

Selected Adapters:

  • Mark Bergland
    Professor of Biology
    University of Wisconsin River Falls

  • Donald P. Buckley
    Professor of Biology
    Quinnipiac College

  • Ann Burgess
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Wisconsin

  • Terry L. Derting
    Professor of Biology
    Murray State University

  • Samuel Donovan
    Assistant Professor of Education
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Garry A. Duncan
    Biology Faculty
    Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • Steve Fifield
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    University of Delaware

  • Doug Green
    St. Michael's College

  • Linda Grisham
    Professor of Undergraduate Studies
    Lesley University

  • James Griesemer
    Professor of Philosophy
    University of California-Davis

  • Louis J. Gross
    Professor & Director of the Institute for Environmental Modelling
    University of Tennessee

  • Raquell Holmes
    Boston University

  • Daniel J. Hornbach
    Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Biology
    Macalester College

  • Vernon M. Ingram
    Professor of Biology
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Karen Klyzk
    Chair of Biology
    University of Wisconsin River Falls

  • Bob Macey
    University of California-Berkeley

  • Presley Martin
    Associate Professor
    Hamline University

  • Howard T. Odum
    (recently deceased)
    University of Florida

  • Jeffrey C. Schank
    Professor of Psychology
    University of California-Davis

  • Paul Sotherland
    Associate Professor of Biology
    Kalamazoo College

  • Jim Stewart
    Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
    University of Wisconsin

  • Daniel Udovic
    Director of the Environmental Studies Program
    University of Oregon

  • Margaret A. Waterman
    Professor of Biology
    Southeast Missouri State University

  • William C. Wimsatt
    Professor of Evolutionary Biology
    University of Chicago

Assessment Essay:

  • Investigative Case-Based Learning for Connecting Science to Society
    - Margaret A. Waterman, Professor of Biology - Southeast Missouri State University
    - Ethel D. Stanley, Director of BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium - Beloit College
    "Once students have read a case together, they complete a brief but carefully structured case analysis discussion, which allows students a way to identify their own questions and prior knowledge. Students are next encouraged to explore questions derived from the case through extended science investigations."