Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

October 29: Building teams within the campus community

Essays, Stories & Reports:

  • When you're in charge: Tips for leading teams
    - Beth Cole, Professional IMPACT Communications
    This essay featured in Kiwanis magazine in March 2001 provides insight into different types of leaders and how their characteristics determine their ability to lead and to interact with teams.

PKAL Case Studies

  • Using case studies
    - From the PKAL Leadership Initiative
    Used for the PKAL Leadership Initiative, this brief essay explains the value of case studies as examples of active-learning, which allows the "student" to explore real-life interdisciplinary, research-rich, science for all, and technology-rich issues.

  • Case Study #1-Negotiating budgets and faculty lines in difficult times
    - C. Gary Reiness, Dean of Mathematical & Natural Sciences, Lewis and Clark College
    Green College faces challenges with obtaining resources for its science departments. Based on an external review of the college, administrators and faculty must decide on how to handle the "bad review" of the environmental science program.

  • Case Study #2-Loon University
    - Daniel F. Sullivan, President, St. Lawrence University
    Loon University's standing for science and math education has recently decreased. The faculty from the science and math division, therefore, decide to campaign amongst the administration for funding to achieve the goal of creating an interdisciplinary, technology-rich, science for all learning environment.

  • Case Study #3-Loon University: Transforming to a technology-rich learning environment
    - J.B. Sharma, Professor of Physics, Gainesville College
    - Ann Catherine Smith, Director, Undergraduate Programs, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland-College Park
    Referring to Case Study #2, J.B. Sharma and Ann Smith pose the question of whether or not Loon University would benefit from moving towards a technology-rich learning environment.