Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Advocacy - Civic Scientist

National Context

  • What works - A PKAL essay
    Strengthening Undergraduate STEM Programs
    - Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., President Emeritus and Professor of Economics - Carleton College
    The undergraduate educational experience is the critical link in achieving our national objectives. The reason is simple. Undergraduate institutions produce those who go on to teach in America's K-12 schools. They are the source of future Ph.D.'s; they produce the political leaders, the local school board members, the Federal, state, and local officials who will make policy decisions relating to scientific and technological issues that have an impact on how we all live, work, and interact.

  • What works: A letter
    A letter to F21 leaders
    - Ed Ahnert, President - ExxonMobil Foundation
    The educational needs for a "science savvy" citizenry, properly prepared K-12 teachers, and a high-tech workforce can only be addressed if academic leaders with vision rise to the occasion. Leadership requires one to develop a position and take a stand. Make your voices be heard.