Virginia Institutes of Higher Education Research Support Network

Ron Johnson, Old Dominion University
Jim Berkson, Virginia Tech
Richard Grant, Virginia Tech
Daniel A. Wubah, James Madison University
Randy Ribler, Lynchburg University
Tom Wood, George Mason University
Sam Abrash, University of Richmond
John Temple, Mary Washington College
Kathy Loesser-Casey, Mary Washington College
Kelli Slunt, Mary Washington College
Suzanne Sumner, Mary Washington College
Mirela Fetea, University of Richmond
Debbie Hydorn, Mary Washington College


Virginia has a large number of institutes of higher education that do not necessarily network for any particular purpose. With recent budget cuts in education, many of these institutes are also facing serious probelms.

Create a listserve

  1. advice

  2. support, both monetarily and supplies

  3. access/source of equipment for use

  4. opportunities to build stronger ties between Virginia institutions

Mary Washington College and the University of Richmond were the "creators" of the proposal. Contact Sam Abrash at the University of Richmond.



Computer, server, software
(will apply to the University of Richmond to set up funding for the remainder of the funds needed).


Total budget not to exceed $2,000 in the first year and $1,000 in the second year