PKAL Sessions at the 2010 AAC&U Annual Meeting

Transforming Undergraduate STEM Education: Exploring the Dimensions of Leadership

Workshop participants explored the why and the how of leadership in STEM reform in 2010 and beyond. Workshop facilitators shared stories culled from Project Kaleidoscope’s twenty-year history, stories that illustrate varied approaches to developing and nurturing leadership teams to shape sustainable and robust undergraduate STEM learning environments. Through the sharing of storied from Project Kaleidoscope’s twenty-year history, presentations, facilitated discussions of institutional case studies, collective conversations, and reporting-out, participants explored key challenges they face in current efforts to transform undergraduate STEM education. Special attention will be given to the role of culture and context in efforts to mobilize a community. Facilitators will capture ideas for leadership development related to three dimensions—at the campus level, at the personal level, and at the level of the AAC&U-PKAL partnership.

Jeanne Narum, Founding Director, Project Kaleidoscope; Susan Elrod, Director of Project Kaleidoscope; Neal Abraham, Executive Director, Five Colleges, Incorporated; and Judith A. Dilts, Associate Dean of College of Science and Mathematics, James Madison University