The W.M. Keck - PKAL Consultant Program

Next Application Deadline: December 15, 2004

Over 100 colleges and universities have benefitted, over the past several years, from face-to-face contact with consultants on their campus who were supported by the grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to PKAL. Lessons learned from those consultancies have been helpful in shaping PKAL's planning and activities.

In addition to the on-campus consultations, institutions now may request a consulting conference call through which to bring external expertise to bear on internal issues more immediately. We have experimented with this approach during the fall of 2002 and recognize the potential impact of such virtual consultancies. For an example of how these will work, go here

Reports from previous Keck/PKAL Consultations can be viewed here

Evaluation of Keck Consultancies on Institutional Reform
Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) facilitates Keck consultancies in which institutions request experts be sent to an institution to analyze specific reform issues. Requests range from new program development, to curricular reform efforts, to constructing new STEM facilities. One hundred institutions around the country were surveyed following their Keck consultancy. Common barriers to reform efforts prior to consultancies were analyzed, as well as barriers to reform following consultancies. Overall Keck impacts occurred in four areas: course development, program development, departmental reform, and institution-wide innovation. These four areas were broken down to identify sub-categories affected following the consultancy. For example, course development was broken down to lab revisions, versus course revisions and new courses implemented versus course revisions.

Download the Keck/PKAL Consultancy Handbook