The Importance of Leadership

Though based on consensus and utilizing many channels of input, the process of creating new facilities is futile without the presence of a strong leadership. Whether they be presidents, administrators, trustees, faculty or a designated "project shepherds," those with leadership roles in the planning process must strive to create a community that is sympathetic with, and supportive of, a strong science program.

"It is important to the vitality of teaching in mathematics, science and engineering, therefore, that the best of new programs become known, and seriously considered for adaptation, where appropriate, for use at other institutions. Faculty in other departments and at other institutions must learn about the best of the innovations and must have access to the financial and human resources needed to evaluate and adapt worthy ideas to other settings."
- NSF Report, NSF 91-21

From Experience: Grinnell College

Since 1947 when Joe Danforth first invited students into his research lab, Grinnell College has developed a tradition for blurring the lines between teaching and research. The research programs at Grinnell, in which students and faculty work side-by-side, enjoy wide support on campus and are a chief consideration in the creation of a new Hall of Science. They had already learned that structures could compliment their strong beliefs in student responsibility and co-ownership of their research projects: by issuing keys for an all night science lab to science majors, they invited students to feel like owners of their old science building. In the development of their new Hall of Science they find structural ways to continue blurring the distinctions that separate science majors and music majors, teaching and research, doing science and learning science.

Asking the Right Questions

Campus Planning Questions To Ask:

How does our campus reflect our particular academic traditions?

Does the campus reflect the values of our community today, and our vision for the future?

Is there a sense of place that brings life and meaning to our community?