The Consultant Visit

Selecting the Consultants

Keck/PKAL Consultants are selected from the cadre of PKAL workshop leaders, from PKAL leadership committee members, and from other leading changes agents within the PKAL community. PKAL identifies appropriate consultants and proposes a 2-3-member team to the host institution. Upon acceptance of the approved team, the host institution then contacts and makes arrangements directly with the consulting team. Members of PKAL's Faculty for the 21st Century (F21) Network serve as observers on the consulting teams.

Planning the Initial Visit

The consulting visit consists of two days of interviews with the relevant parties; a template for the consulting visit is sent to institutions who are accepted into the program. Consultants come as educators experienced in specific areas of reform and who are well-informed about the issues that must be addressed in the process of building the kind of natural science community advocated by PKAL. Past consultancies have dealt with:

  • designing a new, interdisciplinary general education course.
  • changing faculty reward systems to achieve a better integration of research and education.
  • undertaking a departmental review.
  • planning new spaces and linking program planning to space planning.
  • considering new staffing patterns to facilitate a research-rich environment.
  • dealing with increasing enrollments.

Reporting on the Initial Visit

Immediately following the visit, the host institution submits to the PKAL Office a report on the consulting visit. The consultants submit a draft of their report to the PKAL Office within 6 to 8 weeks of the consulting visit. Upon approval of the report from the PKAL Office, the consultants submit the final report to the host institution.

The Follow-Up Visit

Within 12 to 18 months following the initial visit, the host institution invites one of the consultants to conduct a follow-up visit to further advise and assess the work of reform. Reporting procedures for the follow-up visit mirror those of the initial visit.

Funding the Consultation

PKAL (with Keck funding) supports one member of the initial team (honorarium and travel) and the complete cost for the follow-up visit. Institutions are responsible for the honorarium and travel for one member of the initial team and for the room and board of the consulting team during the consulting visits (initial and follow-up).