Teutonico, Rita A.
James Madison University

Rita A. Teutonico
James Madison University
Associate Professor
Department of Integrated Science and Technology


Dr. Rita A. Teutonico is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology, Biotechnology Sector, James Madison University (JMU), Harrisonburg, Virginia. She received her Master's degree in Food Science from the University of Delaware and her doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Teutonico's areas of specialization include Plant Cell and Molecular Biology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Food Biotechnology, Market Research, Bioethics, and Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology. Dr. Teutonico has published numerous articles in professional journals and presented workshops and seminars at many conferences. Besides her academic experience, Dr. Teutonico also has industry and government work experience. She was a Research Scientist at DNA Plant Technology Corporation in Emeryville, CA; a Market Research Analyst with Technology Forecasters in Alameda, CA; and Vice President of Research at Cognitiative, Inc. in San Francisco, CA ( a high-technology consulting firm). She is currently a Visiting Scientist with the National Science Foundation in the Genes and Genomes Systems cluster, while on leave from JMU. Her international experience includes postdoctoral research at the agricultural biotechnology unit of Limagrain, Inc., in Cambridge, England, co-developing and co-directing the ISAT Summer Program in Malta at JMU, as well as presenting papers at international conferences.