Tepper, Jeffrey H.
University of Puget Sound

Jeffrey H. Tepper
University of Puget Sound
Assistant Professor
Geology Department


Jeff Tepper is an Assistant Professor in the Geology Department at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. He received his A.B. from Dartmouth and his M.S. and PhD from the University of Washington. Prior to moving to UPS in 2001 he was on the faculty in the Environmental Geography program at Valdosta State University (Valdosta, GA) for seven years. Jeff is by training a petrologist / geochemist, but he has taught a broad range of courses including mineralogy, petrology, environmental geochemistry, environmental field methods, and "Geomythology" - a seminar that examines the geologic origins of myths and legends. His primary research interests are in the origin of granites and in the analysis of lake sediments as recorders of environmental history. Jeff is a strong proponent of cross-disciplinary research and of making science accessible to all. He is a member of F21 and was named a Regent's Distinguished Professor for Teaching and Learning at Valdosta State.

Throughout his academic career Jeff has been involved in efforts to expand the environmental dimension of the geosciences. In addition to teaching and supervising undergraduate research projects, he helped to establish the Environmental Geography program at Valdosta State University. He was also involved in development of the Lake Louise field station, an off-campus site dedicated to multidisciplinary environmental research and teaching. Since coming to UPS Jeff has established a teaching and research program in environmental geochemistry and he is part of the team that is currently developing a proposal for an expanded environmental studies program.