Template for Interviews

Please choose from one of the following:

Interview A

Questions adapted from the Distinguished Teaching Scholar Interviews

  • If a visitor were to come into you classroom/lab, what impression would they have about the goals for student learning (at the individual, departmental and/or institutional level) that undergird the experiences they see students having through (insert name of pedagogy here)?
  • What brought you to an interest in advancing the work of transforming the undergraduate STEM learning environment (insert name of pedagogy here)? Please describe how (insert name of pedagogy here) is implemented in your classroom/lab?
  • Were there risks in doing this? What were they? Looking back, of what are you now most proud to have accomplished?
  • What connections have been of most value in pursuing these efforts, within your campus community as well as in the broader professional communities to which you belong or belonged?
  • What research-based efforts have you taken to investigate the effectiveness of (insert name of pedagogy here) in your discipline? Please describe your methods and outcomes.
  • What kind of institutional culture needs to be in place to nurture current and emerging leaders taking responsibility for shaping the future of undergraduate STEM, leaders actively seeking to make a difference for their students, their science, their communities?
  • What can be done at the national level to encourage and support efforts like those you have been/are involved in that are making a difference at the national and local level for 21st century STEM students?
  • Any words of wisdom for faculty considering implementing (insert name of pedagogy here)?

Interview B

We asked the PKAL F21 Class of 2007 to interview a “campus leader,” someone they would like to be like:

  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • How do the institutional culture and the broader societal context play a role in defining and shaping leaders and leadership within the undergraduate STEM community?
  • What resources help develop the leadership capacity of STEM leaders?
  • What are the grounding theories of leadership that can inspire my evolution as a leader?

Interview C

An interview for someone who exemplifies the kind of faculty member you would like to become/be. Here are questions from the book Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • Of the things you have done in live, of what are you most proud?
  • Of all the obstacles you have encountered in your life, which was the hardest to overcome?
  • Has there been a particular project or event that has significantly influenced the direction of your career? If so, could you talk a little bit about it?
  • What advice would you give to a young person starting out…?
  • How did you initially become involved in the work you do?
  • If there has been a significant person/s (family, peers, colleagues) in your life who has influenced your career…, can you tell me how?
  • Where do your ideas for your work generally come from?
  • Overall, how is the way you go about your work now different from how you did your work 20 years ago?