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Steps Taken to Imagine, Prototype, Design, Construct, and Assess a Major Library Renovation: The Duke LINK Project

PKAL LSC Webinar - September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010
3:00 pm EDT
Registration fee per institution: $100

Edward D. Gomes, Associate Dean of Technology Services, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences— Duke University

In August 2008, Duke University opened the Link, a new teaching and learning center in Lower Level 1 of Perkins Library. The Link has been designed as a dynamic academic space to support student and faculty learning, teaching, and collaboration—virtual and on-site.

The success of the Link can be attributed to the team’s vision, planning process and continued assessment to deliver on the design principles of the project. We will discuss the project, the ongoing support model and the assessment of the Link.

The desire to create new teaching and learning spaces normally results from a demonstrated need at the institutional, school or departmental level. Support for diverse disciplines, learning styles, pedagogies is now a requirement for any learning space project. In addition, strategic emphasis on interdisciplinary educational opportunities and “eLearning” may require flexibility in furniture, infrastructure and technologies.

Key Points:

  • Developing planning principles: scenarios and case studies
  • Imagining the future: beta-projects and mock-ups
  • Establishing design principles: enhanced collaborative, interdisciplinary, and eLearning
  • Exploring and assessing the end result.

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